General Practitioner (GP) Services

Dr Arun Hansi has been working within diverse socioeconomic and multicultural populations in London and rural areas in England since 2008. He graduated from King’s College London School of Medicine with a medical degree and a Bachelor of science in aerospace physiology. Arun is a speaker and writer on health and human behaviour. He is driven by a desire to better understand the potential of the human mind and body and the way this is expressed in individuals.

Dr Hansi provides GP services and manages acute and chronic problems. He specializes in management, prevention and reversal of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, depression and stress related issues using conventional medicine, health and life coaching, dietary, weight and fitness management along with complementary and natural therapies.

By focusing attention on the commitment and will-power to get better, be better and change habits, he has an innate passion to help people recognize their full generic potential, which he calls the ‘Olympian Complex’, and help them prosper in health and happiness.

A background in general practice with expertise in integrative and functional medicine, and behaviour change, enables him to bring a specialized role to Integrated Medical Centre. Additionally, Dr Hansi has qualifications in alcohol, drug misuse, addiction and in sexual and reproductive health. He is uniquely placed to address your short and long-term issues and goals.

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