Mr. Imran Ali

IMRAN-ALI-OSTEOPATHQualifications: Gold Medalist Naturopathic Physician & Osteopath ND, B.Sc(Hon.) Ost., MRN, MRO


Mr. Ali is an expert navigator of the physical body as well as of the mind and soul. Specialized in Neuro-Musculoskeletal disorder, he is more than a disease diagnostician, technician or a medicine man. An experienced medicine practitioner, using a unique time tested blend of traditional and natural healing techniques to improve the health and well being of his patients across the globe for almost two decades. He was awarded Gold Medal for his outstanding contribution to the healthcare profession.

After finishing his initial qualification as a Natural therapeutic physician from New Delhi, he has completed several training in Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis, Ayurvedic Pancha Karma and traditional Marma Therapy under Dr. Bheema Bhatt, a renowned Ayurvedic Consultant, Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi. He is the only Natural therapeutic practitioner in the U.K. trained under an eminent cardiologist Dr. Col. Chopra, father of Dr. Deepak Chopra. He began his influential career in private practice and then served as chief Executive and Head of the department of Integrated Medical Centre, New Delhi.

Mr. Ali moved to UK in 2001 and continued to explore a wide variety of healing traditions, searching for alternatives to the prevailing medical model and studied Osteopathy in a leading UK university to incorporate modern Evidence Based Practice to his approach in treating ailments which has proven to be very successful and popular among the patients and continue to reflect his concept of definition of health as something more than just the absence of disease, but as a state of well-being and vitality.
He has organised many health retreat programmes in the Himalayas, Kerala and Rajasthan which included high altitude walks, Yoga and Meditations and diet. He currently runs training programme for the healthcare professionals on “Dr. Ali’s neck treatment” based on his Neck Connection book.

Mr. Ali holds prestigious position as the operating director of the Integrated Medical Centre Ltd., Integrated Health products Ltd. and the director of the Integrated Medical Centre (UK) Ltd.Mr. Ali is well recognised for his exceptional contribution in the complementary medical field. His articles on various health conditions have been widely acclaimed both nationally and internationally. His professional services are fully covered by the major private health insurance providers.Despite of his busy schedule, hectic travels and very time consuming administrative decision makings responsibilities, he is a devoted father of two, always indebted to his wife for her constant emotional support, inspiration and encouragements yet finds time to practice what he preaches, hospitality and giving backs.

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