Dr. Mirella Hodzic

Dr. Mirella HodzicQualifications:  MD (Med), MDCH, MASC(Ad. P.Th), MASC (NLP)


Dr Mirella Hodzic is a medical doctor who had a vision some years ago to go beyond the hospital to treat patients on a deeper, more intimate level. Incorporating techniques from Psychotherapy, Clinical hypnotherapy, Thought Field therapy (TFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), she has designed a comprehensive approach to calming and resolving the negative thoughts and emotions that taint the clarity and beauty in living a life.Her approach involves helping you raise your awareness of your life energy, and using its power to promote true well-being and good health as a solid foundation, to unleash the power that already exists within you.

She has many years experience helping my patients to:

  • Achieve their fullest possible potential.
  • Deal positively with physical and mental stress.
  • Lead more productive, creative and fulfilled lives.
  • Reduce negative emotional periods.
  • Wake up each day feeling confident.
  • Maintain good health, in body and mind, to prevent and overcome illness.

Trust their intuition, so they increase the number of times they get it right!

In life, you really can choose your own luck, but you need to know how to do it, and nothing could replace the support of a qualified therapist to oversee your progress.

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