Weight Loss and Detox Therapies

Dr Ali’s Weight Loss Programme is individually planned. There are 5 main types of Weight Gain: Lifestyle, Hormonal, Genetic, Psychological (due to bulimia for example) and Medicinal (due to steroids or HRT for example). Dr Ali developed a single programme that can help treat all types of weight gain. The brown fat (around abdominal organs) responds well to various diets and exercises. The white fat (cellulite on the arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts, lower abdomen) needs a special programme that shrinks the volume of the stomach, increases the metabolic rate and reduces appetite. This creates satiety after consuming the right amount of food in addition to strengthening your will power. Special natural products such as the Breakfast Mewa (cereal), teas and Gut Cleansing Gel (which absorbs leftover food mass in the stomach) are used. In addition, special abdominal exercises help to reduce waist size, remove excess gas and facilitate regular bowel movement.

For more information see Dr Ali’s Weight Loss Secrets, also available in our shop or any good book stockist.

This programme has been used extensively at Dr Ali’s Spas. The main idea is to help the liver, the main detoxifying organ in the body. Additionally, the kidneys help to eliminate the toxins circulating in the body. The diet (which is almost fat, yeast and fungus free) is designed to optimise digestion and elimination. The bitter Detox Tea, tasty Himalayan Tea and the Gut Cleansing Gel (which absorbs toxins in the gut) may be used as part of this programme. In addition, deep tissue massage helps to release accumulated toxins in tissues whilst specific breathing exercises aid in cleansing the lungs.This combined programme results in loss of weight and a definite change in the overall appearance.

Dr Uzma, Dr Ali and other IMC therapists offer these services.

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