The Neck Connection

The brain is divided into the conscious (carrying out functions like logic, deduction, memory storage, voluntary movements and analysis)and the subconscious (responsible for carrying out vital functions such as breathing, heart rate and hormonal regulation, immune system management, sleep, emotion, gait, posture as well as giving rise to an overall energetic feeling). The conscious part gets its blood supply via the carotid arteries in the front of the neck. The subconscious brain however gets its blood supply through a pair of arteries hidden inside the canals located in the neck vertebrae. These are called vertebral arteries. Factors such as whiplash, birth or sports injuries, neck traumas and excessive computer use strain the neck vertebrae and disturb blood flow through their canal. This causes malfunction of the subconscious brain leading to headaches, chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, immunological problems, tinnitus, panic attacks, hormonal imbalances and memory loss amongst other complications. Millions of people suffer from such a syndrome.

Dr Ali’s Technique consisting of massage and therapeutic yoga helps to reinstate adequate flow of blood to the brain by realigning the vertebrae.

For further reference, please consult The Neck Connection by Dr Ali, available at our shop or any good book stockist.

Imran, Firdous, Nizam and other IMC therapists have knowledge of Dr Ali’s technique.

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