Backache Management

The body is front-heavy as all our organs are located in front of the spine, thus it always tends to bend forwards. This makes the back muscles work extra hard to straighten the spine in an erect position. Moreover, abdominal strains due to weight gain, carrying loads, sports injury and groin pain makes the spine stoop, developing bad posture. This makes the back muscles ache. Furthermore the unusual, prolonged one-sided pressure on the discs makes them bulge or herniate. This causes nerve pain that can radiate to the legs, causing sciatica.

The neck is even more tricky. The head rests on a pivot joint on top of the spinal column with two-third of the weight lying in front (due to facial bones, muscles, the brain and eyes) and one third at the back (due to the rear end of the skull and brain). The neck muscles therefore get tensed, especially when one is sitting or in an erect position. These muscles have to constantly work to keep the chin up and head upright. This is the root cause of the majority of neck problems. Once you factor in potential whiplash, sports or birth injuries you can have a real problem with the neck.

The Ali Technique helps to release all the tension from the muscles as well as allowing vertebrae to realign the without excessive manipulation. This is certainly a safe and very effective method of backache management.

For more information please consult Dr Ali’s Ultimate Back Book, which is available on our website or any good book stockist.

The practitioners who offer this service at the IMC are: Imran Ali, Firdous Ali, Mandy Aujla and Nizam Ali.

Our Osteopaths also do an excellent job with backache. They use very gentle manipulation, taking care that the muscles are well prepared before the joints are adjusted.

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