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Sagoor Charity Clinic

Sagoor Charity Clinic of Dr. Mosaraf AliOur Charity Clinic is situated in a beautiful little Sagoor village in Baijnath area of Kangra Valley (Himachal) in Indian Himalayas. We never know when we will turn a corner and an event will take place that will affect our lives. Such an event happened to me one day on one of the walks on my Himalayas trips. As we took one path we were surprised to see it led to a collection of caves and beautiful waterfalls. We walked through to get to the complex. In the background behind us we could see the mighty snow-capped Himalayas and members of our party stopped frequently to take photos of the green fields with the mountains in the background. It was one of the most spectacular, interesting and impressive walks I had ever been on.

We were fascinated to discover that in one of the caves there lived a Holy man. He was in his eighties, wore simple clothes and had very long hair (about 1.5 metres). Here in the cave Baba Sant Ram meditated and lived his life. He had left the British army when he was 20 years old and had moved into the complex of interconnected caves. It was here that for thousands of years other Holy or Spiritual men had lived. The paintings on the wall were evidence of past habitation. The Baba or sage was highly gifted and gave discourse on life, religion and spirituality. My visiting guests were amazed and enraptured. He asked one guest to press his left index finger with her hands then closed his eyes and told her quite accurately about her past, her circumstances and incidents that only she knew. The visitors were stunned by the visit and it was to become a regular part of my trips with patients to the Himalayas.

My Indian treks became an important part of my healing services so I decided to make a documentary film. I travelled around India interviewing various masters accompanied by a cameraman called Kedar. I interviewed the 90 year old world famous yoga master Iyengar and the 95 year old head of the Ramakrishna Mission in Belur on the bank of the Hooghly River in Calcutta. I met so many exceptional men connected with health and spirituality. During our travels we went to the Kangra valley in the Himalayas intent on filming Baba Sant Ram. We arrived at the palace in the evening and I asked to be taken to the caves to meet the Holy Man. I had felt deeply compelled to go and visit Baba. It was a huge shock therefore when he told me that the Baba had died that very morning.

The next morning, I went to the caves to pay my last respects. Waiting there was his eldest son, Hari Singh. Who told me that his father had a premonition that I would be coming but that he would be too late. He had told his son about the bamboo bridge that I had helped to build so that the villagers were able to cross the river, especially when the water level was high. That day, on that spot, I decided to open a charity clinic for the poor people in the area. I made the announcement to the family and to hundreds of villagers that had gathered for a prayer meeting for the Baba.

– Dr  Mosaraf Ali



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